Explore south Goa cities and enjoy the charm

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Sun drenched beaches, picturesque landscape and historical monuments is what greets one to goa, the beach capital of India. The cities in goa are lively with sound, dance and music.

South goa, one of the two districts in goa also boats of beautiful cities. The south goa cities have a charm in themselves. The south goa cities are unique in their beauty and architecture; a visit to the south goa cities is worth when holidaying in goa.

Margoa, also known as Margao and Madgaon, is a busy south goa city. Situated on the banks of River Sal, Margoa still preserves the glorious past of the Portuguese heritage. One can come across large mansions and houses, designed in Portuguese style, which are real attractions. You also cannot miss the splendid beaches and the churches at this south goa city. Well, the churches are the real beauty to watch here. When in Margoa, do not miss Dudhsagar Falls, Church Square, Church of Holy Spirit, Aga Khan Park, Largo da Igreja, Bodhgeshwar Temple and Damodar Temple. It is the beauty of the sweeping beaches that you can experience in Canacona city.

This south Goa city has a rustic charm, as it has not been explored much by the tourists. The isolated beaches, especially the Palolem, are the hottest tourist spots. The other beaches where you can stroll down are the Cavelosim and Agonda Beaches. Well, One cannot miss the sanctuary of Cotigao, which has some of the tallest trees in Goa; see nature in its true colours here.

Overlooking River Zuari is Vaco da Gama, a city named after the great explorer Vasco da Gama. Though this south goa city is typical for adventurous sports, the city is not a hot tourist spot. Bogmolo beach is the only beach here withy green hills on the background and golden sands. Walk to the Pilot point, from where you can have a glimpse of the city and more of the Marmugoa port. One of the finest natural ports in India, it is a classic to watch the port at close quarters. Walk up to the Mormugao Ridge, where you can see the remnants of remnants of the Fortaleza Santa Catarina at the Japanese Garden. From here you can also see Zuari River flowing into the Arabian Sea. The Naval Aviation Museum is another place that one should not miss while in Vasco da Gama.

Still untouched by modernity, walk down the lanes of south goa cities and explore the real charm of goa.


Water-skiing in Goa : enjoy the thrill

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If you want to fly through the waves, the best destination is Goa. Water-skiing in Goa offers the best experience. Goa has the best beaches in India, which makes it an ideal place for water sports. A hub of water sports, Goa is the perfect place to relax. Goa has a vast stretch of beaches and water bodies like the lakes, which makes Water-skiing a thrilling experience.

Glide through the waters in Goa, which gives enormous pleasure. Water-skiing offers the greatest thrilling water sport adventure; a memorable experience in the blue waters in Goa. There is lot of fun attached with water-skiing in goa, which makes it the most sought after water sport.

Tour operators, hotels, resorts and other private organisations provide you with all the equipment required for Water-skiing. If you are a beginner, there are instructors who teach you every aspect of this adventurous sport. They teach you to balance while gliding through the waters, different signs that are used to communicate with the boat rider. Water-skiing in Goa is safe as very high safety standards are maintained. Most of the hotels and resorts only provide the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that lowers the risk factor.

You can hire a speedboat, which can take up to eight persons and dash into the waters.  As the speedboat gathers speed, you will really enjoy the thrill of water-skiing.

The best Water-Skiing spots in Goa are Calangute Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Cavelossim Beach, Condolim Beach, Bogmalo Beach and Sinquerim Beach, where you can just splash through the waters and enjoy yourself.

For those who love water sports, water skiing in Goa is a dream come true. The adventures of Water-skiing leave you breathless in the waters of Goa. Just dash out and feel the experience of Water-skiing in goa. Water-skiing in Goa offers the best gliding experience, which you cannot come across anywhere.


Water scooter in Goa; Enjoy the calm waters

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Holidays in Goa are thrilling and most memorable. This beach capital of India is also an ideal destination for water sports, which offers great enjoyment. You get real excitement in the waters of Goa, especially when splashing through the waves in a water-scooter. It is the splendid beaches, silvery beaches and thrilling water sports that have always attracted hundreds of tourists from all over the world to Goa.

The holidays in Goa become more thrilling with the various water sports available. Apart from the various water sports like parasailing, angling, windsurfing, dinghy sailing and scuba-diving, the latest addition to the adventure sport in Goa are the water scooters.

Water-scooter has now become a water popular sport and you cannot miss the real fun when at Goa. You can have a splendid water-scooter drive at Dona Paula jetty, Majorda, Cidade De Goa, Oberoi and Candolim beaches. Other beaches also offer Water-scooter adventures. The best season to be in Goa is from October to May when the sky is clear and the sea remaining tranquil. When out in the water-scooters, sometimes one can even come across a dolphin at close quarters.

Almost all the hotels, resorts and several other agencies provide Water-scooter facilities. Two persons are normally accommodated in the Water-scooter and even you can have the fun of the large waves all alone. You get Water-scooters at affordable rates. The waters near the Goan beaches are calm and safe but it is better to check with the lifeguards before you venture into the deep sea.

Feel the thrill of a motorbike on the smooth waters in Goa, which is a real experience. Get a Water-scooter and enjoy the smooth cool waters out in the deep sea.  A paradise of water sports, Goa offers the best vacation. Enjoy splashing through the waves in Goa.


Scuba-diving in Goa: unearth the underwater treasures

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Goa has always attracted tourists from all over the world for its mesmerising beaches, silver sands and picturesque landscapes. Goa is also known for its water sports, especially scuba-diving, which takes you deep into the underwater treasures.

Scuba-diving in Goa is most thrilling as the waters are safe and there is no riptide currents. Once in Goa, you cannot help plunging into the depths of the calm waters. The great amazement that waits a diver deep in the sea are the wreckages of Spanish and Portuguese galleons and World War II ships.

You can also come across amazing marine life deep down, which is similar to the Maldives. The great reservoir of fish and corals is a splendid site below the waters; a memorable diving experience. You can come close to Barracuda, Sweet lips, Damsels, Stonefish, Snappers, Sweepers, Groupers, Tuna and Lionfish. Well, you can also see other marine life Cucumbers, Lobsters, Gobies, Blennies, Turtles and Cuttlefish.  Scuba-diving in Goa also gives a colourful display of corals, which is worth seeing deep down.

The sea is calm and the water placid, which make scuba-diving an enchanting experience. The visibility below is around five to 12 metres.

Grande Island, Pigeon Island, Agatti Island, Dona Paula jetty, Suzy’s Wreck, Sail Rock, Davy Jones Lockers, Surge City, Tunnel, Bounty Bay and Uma Guma Reef are the best scuba-diving spots in Goa, which one cannot miss. The shallow sites in between Venugurla and Malyan are also best spots for scuba-diving in Goa.

You can avail the scuba-diving packages offered by the hotels, resorts and many other tour operators. If you haven’t ever done scuba-diving and still want to dive deep into the waters, nothing to worry. There are instructors and also even training classes where you can learn the basic of scuba-diving.

If you want to do something different and want real excitement, go for scuba-diving in Goa, which is a real fun deep down in the blue waters.


Windsurfing in goa: feel the coolness

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Goa with its silver beaches, clear sky and picturesque landscape is a tourist’s paradise. The beautiful surf also attracts a large number of tourists who are interested in water sports. Tourists flock the beaches of Goa to simply cool their souls in the waters and windsurfing is considered to be the most favourite water sport.  If you want to enjoy real water sport while in Goa, go for windsurfing.

Windsurfing, a major attraction of all tourists is a joy and gives the utmost fun. Bogmalo Beach, Miramar Beach, Calangute Beach, Arossim Beach, Utorda Beach and Baga Beach are some of the beaches where you can go for windsurfing. But for beginners the best place is the Dona Paula beach, where the wind is so calm and soothing.

Windsurfing is real thrill and excitement in the goa beaches. You get the real pleasure of surfing and sailing at the white surfs in Goa, which is a unique experience. If you are a beginner, then go for Windsurfing in the morning as the wind is a bit calm. If you are an expert, then go out into the waters in the afternoon when the winds are a bit stronger. However, you can also have the guidance of instructors, who will teach you the skills of Windsurfing.

The best time to go to Goa for Windsurfing is from May to October when the sky is clear and the waters are placid. Goa also organises annual Windsurfing regatta, where surfers from all parts of the world take part.

If you are looking for a difference, then go for windsurfing in Goa, which is a great experience. Windsurfing in Goa is considered only as a hobby by many and not as a sport. Feel the coolness of the wind and the spray of water, cooling your heels in Goa.


Parasailing in Goa; leap to the skies and adore the beauty

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Goa has a beautiful stretch of coast, lined with coconut palms and silvery beaches. If you want to have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Goa coastline, just go for parasailing, which is a live experience. Fly like a bird and adore the beauty of Goa.

As the speedboat speeds off into the sea, take a breath and look down into the calmness of Goa; a rare experience to see the enchanting beaches. Most of the people who flock to Goa are interested in parasailing as it is a stimulating experience that one cannot get anywhere else. Though parasailing is a thrilling experience, a person who fears heights should not venture to leap into the skies.

Well, before you set on parasailing in Goa, it is better to have some basic training. You can come across numerous government and non-government organisations that arrange training. The charges are only reasonable. Well, the hotels, resorts and travel agents all arrange parasailing in Goa.

There are various ways of Parasailing in Goa like winch boat parasailing and beach parasailing. Though the lifting is the same in both the parasailing, the landing is different. One has to land in the winch boat itself in winch boat parasailing and in the beach parasailing, one has to land in the beach.

Parasailing in Goa involves a lot of action and adventure. After Parasailing in Goa, you can just feel the fun of flying in the sky. Visit Goa from October to May, which is the best season for Parasailing. Some of the best beaches where you can have parasailing are Majorda Beach, Condolim Beach, Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach.

Once in Goa, you should have to go for parasailing as it is a rare experience. Hold your breath and leap to the skies and enjoy the dramatic view of the beaches and the sea.


Dinghy sailing in Goa; have great experience

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Water sports in Goa, the beach capital of India, are very much popular among the tourists. Dinghy Sailing in Goa is a real experience and is the best choice for those who here for a relaxing holiday.

Dinghy Sailing is a great fun, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. As it involves lesser action than the other sports, any one can go for Dinghy Sailing in Goa. You need not be an athlete for Dinghy Sailing. The wind in Goa is so calm, which makes Dinghy Sailing so thrilling and fun.

A relaxing sport, Dinghy Sailing in Goa is the perfect way to relax the body and the mind; just enjoy the cool breeze and the silver waters. Though you may not have the thrill of sailing, Dinghy Sailing is a perfect water sport for the family who love to sail in a leisured way.

Most of the hotels and resorts provide with Dinghies, which comes in various shapes and sizes.  There are Dinghies, which can hold three to four persons; a whole family can go out Dinghy Sailing in Goa. The Dinghies come with two sails and side decks to sit.

If you have not experienced Dinghy Sailing before, do not worry. There are professional trainers who can teach you all aspects of Dinghy Sailing.

Dinghy Sailing can be enjoyed at the fullest from October to May, when the skies are clear and the water remains placid. Dinghy Sailing in Goa is a great experience with your friends and relatives out in the sea. If lucky you can also come across dolphins and fishes while sailing in the serene waters of the Arabian Sea.

Enjoy the cool breeze and the waters of the Arabian sea in Goa; go for Dinghy Sailing in Goa, which is a unique experience.


Goa – A paradise for anglers

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Goa, the hottest tourist spot is also a paradise for anglers. The crystal clear waters and the rich marine life makes Goa the best place for angling. Apart from the sea, you can also go to the rivers and streams, which is the home to numerous fishes. Goa is an idle place for angling; a great experience.

Angling in Goa is really a fun and the joy will remain for the rest of one’s life. Out in the beach, you can go for angling Soormai, Salmon, Mullet, Stingray or Guitarfish. The tidal rivers are abundant with both fresh water and salt-water fish. You can angle for catfishes and the ladyfish. Then there is boat angling in Goa where you can come across rockfishes and snappers.

The hotels and resorts where you stay provide with angling equipment. You can also get angling equipment on hire in Goa. Even you can have the help of locals for a good angling. Shrimp and sardine fillets are the baits that are commonly used, which are easily available in the market.

The best season for angling in Goa is from October to April, as during this season the waters bustle with a variety of fishes, which makes the catch easy. Chapora River, Baga River, Fort Reiss, Vagator Beach and the Calangute Beach are good places for angling in Goa. You can get a big catch while angling in goa, which is a unique experience.

While holidaying in Goa, enjoy angling with all its fun. One of the most sought water sports, angling in Goa is a real excitement and adventure. Angling in Goa has always attracted tourists from many parts of the world. It is a real thrill angling in Goa and it is not a surprise that many of the tourists come back again for angling in Goa.


Staying in Goa

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There are many options, when it comes to accommodation in Goa. Depending upon the budget, you will be able to choose the best option. Hotels, resorts, beach houses (rentals), apartments hotels, villas are some common modes of accommodation in Goa. For tourists, staying in Goa has never been a problem.

If you do not have financial crisis then staying in hotel of resort would be a better option. Goa is hosting many lodging options varying from five star luxurious hotels, amazing beach side resorts and budget minded lodging establishments. Goa is the best place for those who are willing to have refreshment and relaxation.

Goa is able to draw millions of tourists each and every year. Goa has the best lodging services that can meet the international standards. The people of Goa are friendly have the nature of great hospitality. With their affectionate and welcoming smile, you will be able to enjoy your stay in hotels of Goa.

If you are having a tight budget then some lodging options can assist you to enjoy your holidays. There are some guest houses in Goa that are easily available at reasonable prices. These lodging establishments also offer some common services like laundry and breakfast. They offer a great hospitality to their visitors.

In case, you are planning for a trip to Goa then you must have proper plans. There are many options to plan your holidays in Goa. For accommodation, you can visit some sites on the World Wide Web, which will assist you to avail lodging facility that can suit your demand and budget.

On the other hand, travel agencies can be great help. Discussing your needs and budget with the travel agent can be a better option. Most of the travel agents will offer vacation packages related to your requirements and budget.

Accommodation in Goa

Needless to say that Goa is considered as a paradise for honeymoon couples. Goa is an amazing place to visit. People who are interested in getting relaxation should visit Goa. The fascinating vacation days of Goa will include the exploration of land of glossy sand, influential coconut tree and delicious Goan seafood. The enjoyment and entertainment of Goa holidays will depend upon the season and budget of an individual. Goa is one of the best places for those people who are interested to spend their holidays at fascinating beaches.

Goa beaches are famous throughout the world. They are well-known because of the cleanliness and the water sport facility. At the same time, the life during nights in Goa is amazing. If you are visiting Goa then you should not miss the opportunity to visit the night parties in Goa, which are arranged at beaches.

There are many hotels, which are based in Goa. Most of the hotels in Goa will provide all the luxurious facilities and amenities to their customers. Goa hotels will have dining facilities as well. This can assist you to get delicious food, on your demand. At the same time, hotels of Goa will assist you to get other facilities like airport drop and pick-up. Swimming pool, gymnasium, bar, restaurant, room service, laundry services, and site seeing are some common facilities that will be offered by hotels of Goa.

If you are willing to stay longer then having a Vila or apartment on rental basis would be a better idea. Property seekers feel that having a property in a state like Goa is a dream come true. The demand of Vilas and apartment in Goa is increasing amongst the people. There are many people who would prefer to have a studio apartment in Goa.


Experience the warmth of service at Deluxe hotels – Goa

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Goa, the beach capital of India, is known for its hospitality. Goans always uphold the tradition of hospitality. Known for its silver beaches, picturesque landscape calm sea and rich culture, a visit to goa is worthy. In Goa, there is no dearth for finding an accommodation. Deluxe hotels, budget hotels, boutiques, cottages, resorts are all there and finding an accommodation of your choice is not that difficult.

Goa offers the best place to stay and the deluxe hotels-goa- offers very cozy and comfortable accommodation, which meets international standards. The deluxe hotels-goa is a difference and it is a great experience. In terms of comfort and facilities, the deluxe hotels-goa offers the best.

The deluxe hotels –goa- offer unlimited recreation facilities. All the deluxe hotels-goa- provides various facilities like Ayurvedic centre, Spa, Fitness center, Business centre, Entertainment Lounge, Discotheque, golf course, tennis court, Table tennis and pool tables, Children’s activity centre and swimming pools.

You can choose from the different suits like sea view villas, garden view suits pool view suits. The dining service includes Indian, Goan, Asian, Continental, Italian, Mediterranean, Oriental, and Bar-be-que.

Most of the deluxe hotels-goa are situated on the luxurious beaches. From the delights of a luxurious suit, enjoy the exotic beaches of Goa. Some of the best deluxe hotels – goa- are Leela Palace, Taj Exotica, Hyatt Spa and Resort, Radisson White Sands Resort, Marriott Resort, Majorda Beach Resort, Renaissance, Fort Aguada Beach Resort, Marriott Resort, Majorda Beach Resort and Renaissance Goa Resort.

Once you have decided to visit goa, accommodation is not at all a problem. You can book in advance at these deluxe hotels-goa. Just visit the websites of these deluxe hotels- goa and book in advance. Most of these deluxe hotels – goa also offer attractive tourist packages.

It is not just staying in luxury at goa but it is an experience that you get at the deluxe hotels- goa. The warm accommodation and beauty of the service is what makes the deluxe hotels- goa the best in the world.


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