Great budget hotels in Goa

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Goa is the hottest destination of any traveller. The exotic beaches and the spectacular landscape make the holidays a great experience. Spending a few days to explore the beauties of the beaches and the countryside is worthy. Well, getting an accommodation in Goa is not a problem with lots of economy budget hotels.

Goa is gifted with the best hotels in the world. The luxurious/budget hotels, boutiques and resorts deliver the best service.  It is not that one has to stay in luxury to be close with nature in Goa. The economy budget hotels in goa provide the same service that one gets at the luxurious hotels.  In a economy budget hotel, go for a luxurious stay with the state-of-the-art facilities and world class hospitality.

The economy budget hotels in goa suit every pocket. The best thing of these economy budget hotels in goa is that they serve top class service at very considerable rates. Another best part of economy budget hotels is that they cater to the wide interest of all kinds of tourists.

The rooms at the economy budget hotels are comfortable. They are also spacious and some are even beachfront. All the amenities are provided in the room itself. Most of the economy budget hotels have their own restaurants and bars. At the restaurants, you would be served with Goan, Indian, Chinese and continental dishes.  In some economy budget hotels, you can even come across swimming pools and fitness centres.

Other facilities like water skiing, sailing, wind surfing and Para sailing are provided. These economy budget hotels also arrange adventure tours, sightseeing tours and musical nights. Well, what more is needed from economy budget hotels?

Once in Goa, you can come across plenty of economy budget hotels. The city caters to the needs of every traveller. Price is not a limit to the services that is offered here at the economy budget hotels.


Stay luxuriously at 5-star-hotels Goa

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If you want to spend your holidays luxuriously in Goa, then stay at the 5-star hotels-goa. Replete with luxurious comforts, the 5-star hotels-goa offers the best vacation while you are in Goa; a luxurious experience that you might have never had anywhere.

The 5-star hotels-goa are the perfect places for leisure or business. They offer everything that you want in goa. Though costly, a stay at the 5-star hotels-goa is worth. You get the best service and world-class facilities for the money that you spend. Almost all the 5-star hotels-goa are perched on the beaches, which makes it more alluring. In terms of comfort and facilities, the 5-star-hotels-goa are the best.

You can choose from the various types of rooms like standard rooms, superior rooms, deluxe rooms and suite rooms. All the rooms are cosy and comfortable and most of them are sea facing, with small and large balconies. The suit rooms, which are the finest rooms in any 5-star hotels-goa, are splendid with great balconies and dining areas. The rooms have facilities like private bar, Tea/Coffee Maker, Internet access and 24-hour room Service.

The restaurants and bars are top class, which serves the best food and the best drinks. You can have Indian, Goan, continental, Chinese, Spanish and Italian delicacies here at the 5-star hotels-goa.

Apart from the restaurants and bars, the 5-star hotels-goa also offers facilities like conference halls, banquet halls, beauty parlour, swimming pool, gym, shopping arcade and babysitting.

The 5-star hotels-goa also has facilities like Spa, Ayurvedic messages and fitness centres. If bored you can play a game of tennis, chess, volleyball and basketball. You also have the choice for parasailing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing and rock-climbing.

The 5-star hotels-goa also conducts tours that help you to go all round Goa. They also provide guides that are so helpful for understanding every nook and corner of the place.

From the comforts of a luxurious stay, you can have a splendid holiday in Goa. It is a real experience at the 5-star-hotels-goa. Some of the best 5-star-hotels-goa are Bogmalo Beach Resort, Taj resort, Holiday Inn Resort and Kenilworth Beach Resort.

If you really want to stay in luxury in Goa, then there is no other choice but the 5-star-hotels-goa. It is not just staying in Go, but it is staying in luxury that you get at the 5-star-hotels-goa. Book a room at the 5-star-hotels-goa and let your dreams fly.


4-star hotels- Goa make the best holidaying in Goa

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Goa is a happening tourist spot in the world. Thousands of tourists visit Goa, which has one of the finest beaches. Known as the beach capital of India, a visit to Goa is worthy. Goa is also known for some of the best hotels, which has a great name for the facilities offered and hospitality.

If you want to stay in Goa, then go for the 4-star hotels-goa, which offers the best stay. These 4-star hotels-goa offers a comfortable accommodation with many world class facilities.  With world-class services and facilities, the 4-star hotels-goa is the real place to stay while in Goa. A stay at the 4-star hotels-goa will be an unforgettable experience.

It is not the difficult to come across 4-star hotels-goa, which are located at almost all the beaches. Booking is also no a problem as most of the 4-star hotels-goa have online bookings, which makes it easy. You can also make sure with your tour operator the kind of hotels that you need. Well, staying at the 4-star hotels-goa is a great experience.

There are a wide array of rooms like Deluxe Rooms, Suites and Villas, which either provides pool view or beach view. The 4-star hotels-goa has luxuriously furnished rooms. Very spacious, you have all modern facilities and comforts in your room. A mini bar, beverage maker, telephone facility, Internet, safe deposit and 24 hour room service is what you get at the 4-star hotels-goa.

There are numerous bars and restaurants at the 4-star hotels-goa. At the restaurants, you can taste any delicacy of your taste, be it Goan, Indian, Continental, Spanish, Italian or Chinese.  The bars also serve the best drinks and tantalising cocktails; the service is at its best.

Well, the 4-star hotels-goa also offers many recreational facilities. Sailing, windsurfing and speedboats are offered. You can also play at the 9-hole golf, basketball, tale tennis, volleyball, billiards, computer and card games at 4-star hotels-goa.

The Coconut Grove Resort at Betalbatim Beach is an ideal place for honeymoon couples. The Taj Holiday Village offers Portuguese-Goan cottages, which has a rustic appeal. Another 4-star hotels-goa where you can havethe best stay is the Hotel Sun Village Resort at Baga Beach. You an also have a fun filled stay at the Aguada Hermitage at Sinquerim. These are only a few of the 4-star hotels in Goa.

For honeymooning, holidays and conferences make sure that you have an accommodation at the 4-star hotels- Goa.


3-star hotels- Goa; perfect place to stay while in Goa

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Goa has always attracted tourists from all pats of the world. Be it for honeymooning, holidaying or conferences, Goa is a perfect tourist spot. The golden beaches, swaying palms and a vast stretch of sea give Goa a perfect charm. Well, if you are on a trip to Goa and worried about accommodation, there is no need for any such thing as hundreds of hotels of different categories cater to all your needs. You can choose from starred/deluxe/budget hotels, beach resorts and cottages when you are here at Goa.

Talking about 3-star-hotels-goa, there are many and you can choose the one that suits you. You can have a great stay at the 3-star-hotels-goa, which provides the best accommodation, cuisine and recreation facilities. Apart from the facilities that are offered at the 3-star-hotels-goa, it is the hospitality that makes the stay charming; goans are known for their hospitality.

You will have the best accommodation at the 3-star-hotels-goa. The rooms are elegant, well furnished, spacious and is equipped with all amenities. You have no worries when you are at any of the 3-star-hotels-goa; feel relaxed and enjoy your holidays.

You have the choice of deluxe rooms and suits to stay while booking for accommodation at the 3-star-hotels-goa. You can also choose a cottage style accommodation or a sea facing room. Any way you will have the best facilities at the 3-star-hotels-goa.

If you want to arrange a conference or a meeting far away from the city, then the 3-star-hotels-goa are no doubt the perfect place. The 3-star-hotels-goa have large gathering rooms, most of them facing the sea, which is really an idle place to have a gathering.

You can have unlimited pleasure at the 3-star-hotels-goa. If tired of the salt waters of the Arabian Sea, just jump into the swimming pools. You also have many recreational facilities like Water Polo, Darts, Table Games, Gymnasium and Ayurvedic Massages. Besides this, the 3-star-hotels-goa also offers live band, Goan dance and music, Indian classical shows and folk dances. These hotels also arrange tours, which makes it easy to go through Goa.

The 3-star-hotels-goa offers delicious multi-cuisine with Goan, India, Continental and Chinese delicacies, which are sure to satisfy your taste. Most of the 3-star-hotels-goa have separate coffee shops and bars.

Nizmar Resort, Nanu Resort, Nova Goa, Whispering Palms, Lagoa Azul Resort, Silver Sands Beach Resort and Heritage Village Club are a few 3-star hotels-goa to name.


Feel at home at 2-star hotels- Goa

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Goa with its sandy beaches and picturesque landscape is the perfect place for holidaying. Goa has the finest beaches in India and staying here is a worth. Even in terms of accommodation, Goa is the best place with numerous hotels, resorts and guesthouses.

Every year Goa is visited by a large number of domestic as well as foreign tourists. But there is no dearth for finding an accommodation. You can find a luxurious stay in the city or out there in the beaches. There are a number of 2-star hotels in goa, which can make your stay so comfortable. These 2-star-hotels-goa have all the facilities that you need. Even if you are way from your home, you will not feel by staying at the 2-star-hotels-goa.

You can choose from the cottages, well-furnished rooms and suits at the 2-star-hotels-goa. The 2-star-hotels-goa beach cottages offer the best view of the sea and the silver sands. The suits and all the rooms at the 2-star-hotels-goa are well furnished with all modern facilities. The rooms are spacious and have beautiful interiors. The 2-star-hotels-goa makes your Goa stay comfortable.

The restaurants and bars at the 2-star-hotels-goa cater to international standards. Some of the 2-star-hotels-goa have excellent roof top restaurants, from where you can have a view of the entire place. The restaurants serve Goan, Indian and International delicacies. Just choose your favourite from the elaborate menu that these 2-star-hotels-goa have. The bars are also excellent, which brings you all kinds of drinks.

The Discotheque, fitness centres, children’s area and swimming pools are the other facilities that you can have at 2-star-hotels-goa. Apart from a splendid stay, you can also enjoy typical Goan music and dance here. For site seeing also, the 2-star-hotels-goa arranges tours. Once at the 2-star-hotels-goa, you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze of Goa.

Some of the best 2-star-hotels-goa are Baia Do Sol, Longuinhos Beach Resort, Ronil Beach Resort and Manvin. The Baia Do Sol is located at Baga on Calangute Beach. It is a private beach with endless stretch of surf and sand. Situated in the Colva beach, the Longuinhos Beach Resort offers a real taste of the silver sands and warm waters of the Arabian Sea. A stay a Ronil Beach Resort at Calungate is a real experience. You really enjoy the taste of Goa here. Then the Hotel Manjim at Panjim also offers a comfortable and a relaxed stay.


South Goa churches: Monuments of a glorious past

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The magnificent churches, monasteries, nunneries, chapels and seminaries of Goa are largely a legacy of the colonisation of the Portuguese. The churches in Goa reflect the cultural, social and religious life of Goa. They are marvellous structures having historic and architectural importance.

One can come across churches in south goa belonging to the 16th and the 17 centuries. The south goa churches are worth visiting. Some of the south goa churches are the Church of Holy Spirit in Margao, Rachol Seminary in Rachol and The Church of St. Alex in Curtorim.

Built in 1565, the Church of Holy Spirit is a great monument in the Indian Baroque style. The huge cross, which is a great attraction, dates back to the 17th century. Here is a central dome with towers on either side. The altar is heavily decorated and dedicated to St Michael and St Peter.

Located in Rachol, about 12 kilometres from Margao is the Rachol Seminary. Situated on the banks of River Zuari, the Portuguese originally built the Rachol seminary as a church in 1521, which was later transformed into a fortress and a prison. This was later converted into a seminary in 1606 by an order of King Sebastian of Portugal. Earlier Jesuit priests were trained here. The Rachol seminary became a great centre of learning in the subsequent years and one of its famous alumni is Fr. Thomas Stevens, who translated the Bible to Konkani language. The “Museum of Christian Art”, which is situated in the seminary, showcases the evolution of Christian /catholic art in Goa. Beside the Rachol seminary is the Rachol Parish church, which is dedicated to Nossa Senhora de Neves.

Another south goa church of attraction is the Church of St Alex. It lies in a quite village Curtorim and is one of the oldest churches in Goa.  It was built in 1597.

A visit to the goa is not complete without visiting the excellent churches, which are real monuments of a glorious past.


Drop at Goa Casinos: make your nights lively

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Goa is a vibrant tourist spot with fun, adventure and nightlife. The nightlife in Goa is so exhilarating and it is not just the parties, dance and wine, which makes the Goa nights a fun. There are many other options to hang out in the nights. Well, the Goa Casinos are vibrant with nightlife and partying.

Spend a night at one of the Goa Casinos and feel the difference.  The Goa casinos, which reflect fun, enjoyment and nightlife, are popular among partygoers. Though the casino Industry is in its budding stage in India and even banned in some states, the Goa Casinos are a class in itself. The Goa casinos are the best in the country. The Goa Casinos are the latest edition in the Goan tourism industry, aimed at attracting more tourists who enjoy real nightlife.

Most of the tourists visit the Goa Casinos for fun and not just trying their luck. Besides the various games, the Goa Casinos also provide exquisite cocktails and hard liquor. Sip your favourite drink and gamble at the Goa Casinos. Barbeques, restaurants and swimming pools are the other facilities that one can find at the Goa casinos.

Though the Goa Casinos are only in the budding stage, they offer all the favourite games. The gaming machines are more in number than the table games. You can play Rummy, Black Jack, American Roulette, Stud Poker, Baccarat and Flash at the Goa casinos. Any one who wants to try his luck can be at the Reel and Poker slot machines, which are quite enjoyable by everyone. The Goa casinos adhere to international standards and the trained dealers are those conduct the games.

Some of the best Goa casinos are Chances Casino, Cidade de Goa, Ramada Caravela Beach resort, Treasures Casino, Inners casino and Hacienda and Las Vegas.

Drop at any of the gambling houses in Goa and make your nights lively.


Goa carnival: Enjoy the mood

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goa carnival imagesCome February, it is carnival in Goa. For three days, the streets of Goa come alive with music, dance, processions and a lot more. Visit Goa in February and enjoy the non-stop festive, a festival of colours.

In no other part of India, such a Carnival is held. The entire state of Goa becomes live with the coming of February. Happiness rings round the streets of Goa and the people are seen in their best mood during the Goa carnival.

The Goa carnival is not just a festival of the Goans, but it has become part of the tourists as well. Only a few can resists the temptation of dancing and singing in the streets during the Goa carnival; old and young, men and women, kids and adults participate in this merry making.

Colourful processions and floats are an integral part of the Goa carnival. Singing and dancing on the streets, Goans as well as the tourists enjoy the real colours of the carnival. Masked people form a part of the celebrations. Short plays, which have a touch of history is another attraction of the Goa Carnival. The short plays are composed by Goans and are generally enacted by men, who perform the roles of women as well. The colourful costumes and the headgear add charm to the Goa cainival.

The Portuguese introduced the Goa carnival in the 18th century. The Goa carnival, which is an integral part of the Portuguese heritage of the state, begins on Sabado Gordo (Fat Saturday) and concludes on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday). The Goa Carnival ends with Red-and -Black dance.

The three-day Goa Carnival is a time for drinks, feasts and merry making before the beginning of 40 days of Lent. Though it is considered to be a Christian festival, all Goans take part in the celebrations.

The Goa carnival is one of the vibrant festivals. Planning to visit Goa, February is the best season as the entire Goa is in a mood to party.


Goa beach weddings: a romantic experience for a lifetime

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Getting married in the Goa beaches is a memorable moment and a dream come true for many. Tie the knot in the pristine beaches, accompanied by the sounds of the swaying palms and the crashing waves.  Goa is a perfect place for a dream wedding.

The groom and the bride will love the unique Goa beach weddings. People from all over love to get married at the Goa beach weddings because of the serene beaches and the warm atmosphere that Goa provides. It is a different wedding that everyone experience at the Goa beach weddings. 

The beach resorts provide romantic Goa beach weddings. You can also have Goa beach weddings at the private beaches owned by some hotels. One can choose from the various weddings packages that are so helpful in the smooth conducting of Goa beach weddings. If you want to have a wedding far from the madding crowd, you can arrange Goa beach weddings at very secluded beaches. 

With numerous wedding planners in Goa, there is no difficulty in arranging Goa beach weddings. They even cover the legal procedures of getting married in Goa like registering the weddings. These wedding planners arrange the venue, accommodation of guests, reception, catering, entertainment, music, photography and video; they take the responsibility of everything. 

Well, permission is needed from the Goa government for these goa beach weddings. Calangute, Palolem, Baga and Colva are the favourite beaches for tying the knot. 

Even if you are a Christian or a Hindu or belong to some other religion, you can have Goa beach weddings according to your customs and traditions. Even Foreigners can tie the knot at the Goa beach weddings. 

The emotions and feelings of the Goa beach weddings will remain with you for ever; a loving, romantic experience in the Goa beaches to get a life partner.


Goa cruises: an unforgettable experience

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Nature has always been at its best in Goa, the beach capital of India. With its greenery, calm atmosphere, rivers and backwaters, Goa is a perfect destination for everyone, be it young, old or the honeymooners. Once in Goa, a cruise in the picturesque rivers and the sea is really wonderful; an unforgettable experience.

The Goa cruises have their own charm. The Goa cruises take you into a marvellous world with the rising and setting sun in the background, racing dolphins and the top class luxuries in the cruise liner. Goa cruise is just an unforgettable experience in a lifetime.

You can choose from the many options that suit your time and budget. Rest assured that our rates are reasonable and affordable which means you don’t have to join online bingo games to accumulate extra money for your cruise. You can choose either the ocean cruise or the river cruise. The river cruises are a thrilling experience of the unexplored Goa; watch the green paddy fields and the remote hamlets along the riverbanks. River cruises are available in several options like Sun Set Cruise, Night Cruise and the Full Moon Cruise.

You can choose from the many options that suit your time and budget. You can choose either the ocean cruise or the river cruise. The river cruises are a thrilling experience of the unexplored Goa; watch the green paddy fields and the remote hamlets along the riverbanks. River cruises are available in several options like Sun Set Cruise, Night Cruise and the Full Moon Cruise.

The Sun Set cruise is a one-hour trip. On the background of the sun setting, you can spot a few historical monuments like the Aguada Fort, Reis Magos Church, the Reis Magos Fort and the Cabo Raj Bhavan. You can also watch traditional Goan dance like Fugdi and Shigmo from the decks. Watch Goa coming to life in the night by undertaking a sun down cruise.

Enjoy the serene moon light while cruising along Mandovi. The Full Moon cruise takes you to an altogether different world. Enjoy the night skies of Goa, which is an enjoyable experience.

Just like the river cruises, the Goa ocean cruise is also exciting. Board the liners at Mumbai and head towards Goa. With all modern facilities, sail in luxury through the serene blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Most of the liners are real luxuries with state-of-the-art restaurants, bars, and pubs, massage parlours and fitness centers.  Experience the royal treatment at the Goa cruise out there in the Arabian Sea.

Goa cruises are an enjoyable experience, which you should not miss during your holidays in Goa.

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