Wilderness-camp-Goa-hotels; relax in the laps of nature

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Goa is the perfect destination of any tourist. The silver sands, calms waves, picturesque landscape and the wilderness offer an exciting holiday in Goa. If you want to have an adventurous holiday in goa, visit the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels, which offers a thrilling experience. 

Explore the hidden beauty of the unexplored areas in Goa; get closer to the variegated flora and fauna and also have the pleasure of seeing several endangered species; come closer to nature at the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels. 

Bhakti Kutir, Montego Bay Beach Village and Wildernest are the most famous wilderness-camp that one should have to visit while in goa. Though situated on the outskirts of Goa, the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels provide you with all modern facilities that you get at the city and beach hotels. You can stay at the beautifully decorated cottages, villas and cabanas, which are a luxury in itself.  The architecture goes along with the surroundings and is eco-friendly. They have attached bathrooms, satellite television, mini bars, wardrobes and international telephone facilities. 

Well, the cuisine at the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels is also the best. There are certain resorts that cater to only vegetarian food and others specialise on seafoods. You can also find resorts that cater to both, which offers various delicacies like Indian and Goan. You are also served with the best drinks and also wine at the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels. You can even taste local liquor at these places.  

Just like the hotels and resorts in the cities and the beaches, the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels also provide various types of recreations. You can go for swimming, fishing, trekking, canoeing and kayaking. You also have the facility to play a game of cards or you can enjoy at the pool tables. 

Well, most of the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels provide safaris into the deep forest, where you can enjoy the wild beauty of Goa. 

If you want to enjoy the best of the nature and stay close, then book your accommodation in one of the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels. Far away from the maddening crowd, relax in the laps of nature at the wilderness-camp-goa-hotels.


North Goa cities: a blend of past and modern

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A land of beautiful beaches, goa is a favourite place to visit. Goa is full of wonders that have always remained a passion for holiday goers. North goa, which is one of the two districts in goa is a favourite of tourists.

North goa has very beautiful cities, where you can have fun and enjoyment. The north goa cities are very lively throughout the day and night, which makes your stay here worthy. Read more


North goa churches: real monuments in stone

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francis-assasi-churchGoa, which is famous for its silvery beaches, is also credited with having numerous imposing churches, monasteries, nunneries and convents. Built in the Portuguese, indo-European and European architectural style, the North Goa churches are real monuments in stone.

Read more


South Goa: go for a relaxed holidaying

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WaterfallsSouth Goa, one of the two districts of Goa, has always been an abode of tourists, flocking all through the year. The beautiful beaches, waterfalls, paddy fields, hill spots and coconut groves add charm to South Goa. The administrative headquarters of South Goa is Madgaon, which is a bustling city.

South Goa, when compared North goa is calm. Life is much slower in South Goa with fishing hamlets on the coast and paddy fields in the inland. Vacation in South goa is more relaxed.

Pilar, Vasco da Gama and Chandor are the important cities in South Goa. Pilar is the commercial city. The beauty of Pilar is the old mansions and buildings. Numerous avenues dot Vasco da Gama. At Chandor, one of the main tourists attractions is Bargansa house.

Well, beaches always remain the main attraction of Goa. The South Goa beaches, though cannot be matched with those in North goa, are still beautiful and pristine. The beaches here are calm; a perfect place to relax, far away from the madding crowd.

An unspoilt beach, Colva is an enchanting beauty. The crescent shaped Palolem Beach is lined with coconut palm and rocky crags. One can relax his nerves in the serene sands, enjoying the cool breeze from the palms.  The other beaches are

Benaulim and Benaulim, which are also unspoilt by men.

Another major attraction in South Goa is the  and the Aravalem caves. The silvery showers, which falls from about 70 ft is really enchanting to watch. The lake formed just below the falls and the green vegetation surrounding it is a brimming tourist spot.  The caves of Aravalem have some mythical background. Some say that budhist monks constructed the caves and some others state that the caves belong to the pre-historic era.

South Goa also has good accommodation facilities with starred/budget hotels, resorts and guesthouses.


North Goa: a land of golden beaches

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North Goa is know as the land of golden beaches, paddy fields and palm trees, it is truely an exciting place to visit. It also houses the capital of Goa, Panaji, Read more


Enjoy the vibrant night life in Goa: an exciting experience

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goa-beach-partyWhen sun goes down in Goa, the beaches here come to life. Goa nightlife is quite exciting; a memorable experience in a lifetime. Goa is so splendid to see in the nights with all the lights and sounds reverberating. It is the vibrant nightlife that makes Goa one of the hottest tourist spots.

Goa nightlife is lively and full of enjoyment. Every one, including the Goans and the tourists could be seen roaming about the beaches and the streets enjoying the vibrant nights.

With parties and dances from evening to the morning, Goa nightlife is different. With the sun going down, visit the Discotheques, pubs, resorts, hotels, Bars and restaurants, Night markets and casinos, which ebb with nightlife.

The night parties, which are thrown around at every nook and corner of Goa, are a splendid place to dance with your lover. A night full of Music and dance keeps the parties live all through till dusk. Anjuna beach is known for its trance parties on full moon night held every year during Christmas New Year. Calangute, Baga, Colva and Dauna Paula beaches are also famous for these trance parties, which one cannot miss when in Goa.

With every restaurant having small bars, one can make the Goa nightlife even livelier. Enjoy the chilled beer at these bars and relive the tension.  You can also taste the goan delicacies and the exquisite seafood at these restaurants.

Apart from the night parties, music and dance, you can also go for night cruises in Goa. Sail through the Mandovi river and enjoy the goa nightlife. You can also hire a yatch and catch the beauty of goa nightlife.  A cruise in the rivers also comes with music and dance, which thrashes away the darkness around.

Goa nightlife is not complete without visiting the casinos. If you love gambling or just want fun, visit the casinos that are open through out the night. Play blackjack, roulette and craps at the casino and try your luck.

Once in Goa, one cannot the miss the nightlife, which is so live and full of fun.


Goa: an ideal honeymooning destination

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Honeymooning in Goa is a unique romantic experience that any one will ever forget. Though there are several honeymoon beaches in the world, the Goa honeymoon beaches is different; something special, something romantic.

A heaven on the earth with its exotic beaches and mesmerising beauty, Goa is a paradise for the newly wed. The harmonisation of the sun, sea and sand gives goa honeymoon a unique experience to start a new married life.

Romance through the beaches hand in hand, dance by the fireside in the nights or go for a cruise in the splendid rivers of Goa. Get the feel of romance in the beautiful beaches and the countryside. Stroll away from the madding crowd and enjoy your honeymoon days.

There are a lot of splendid honeymoon beaches in Goa, which provides all that is needed for a honeymoon couple. Anjuna, Agonda, Arambol, Baga, Calangute, Vagator, Polem Palolem and Colva are some of the beaches where one can feel the soul of his or her lover, with no one to disturb. There are also very secluded beaches where you and your spouse can make love all alone.

Goa honeymoon also offers a cruise down the serene Goa rivers, sea cruises, water sports, adventure sports, wind surfing and water skiing. If you just want to hold hands and be with one another, walk down the beaches.

Goa has internationally acclaimed hotels and beach resorts where you can have a comfortable stay. These hotels and resorts offer the best facilities to make Goa honeymoon the most memorable event in your life. You can also choose honeymoon suites at these hotels and resorts, where you will be left all alone; just make love and romance.

There are numerous tour operators who offer special Goa honeymoon packages..

A perfect destination for the newly wed, begin your startling married life from the beaches of Goa.


Come closer to nature at goa wildlife

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Goa, the land of beaches, nightlife and seafood, is also known for its wildlife sanctuaries, which is a haven for a wide range of species of flora and fauna. The green canopy in the Western Ghats that dot this beautiful land houses deer, Indian bison, giant squirrels, elephants, panthers, monkeys, cobras, and many more. You can even come across local and migratory birds in the Goa wilds.

The wild life sanctuaries are not that vast as in other parts of the country, but even then the green vegetation is an escape from the bustling city life. People, who love the greens, love the birds chirping and who love to get closer with wild animals can have a great experience in the goa wildlife sanctuaries; enjoy goa wildlife.

Goa is a favourite destination of bird watchers as lots of local and migratory birds can be watched at close quarters. The Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is an abode of bird enthusiasts.

Apart from the salim Ali bird sanctuary, there are three other wildlife sanctuaries in Goa — Bondla Wildlife sanctuary, Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary at Mollem and the Cotigao Wlidlife Sanctuary.

Deer, gaurs, giant squirrels, cobras and pythons are a common sight at the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, which is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa.  One can even come across tigers and elephants here. The Bondla wildlife sanctuary is an idle forest resort with zoos, deer park, botanical and rose gardens. One can spot various reptiles and view the dense forests at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Goa wildlife tourism industry and several private tour operators’ conduct goa wildlife tours, which brings you closer to the flora and fauna. During these goa wildlife tours, you may be lucky to watch a panther, elephant or a wild boar at very close quarters. You will never be disappointed in the goan wilds. Well, accommodations are provided in and around the sanctuaries; a stay in the wilderness brings you closer to nature.

It is not just parties and beaches that Goa has for you. But if you want to come closer to nature, the Goa wild life is there.


Goa Beaches

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Baga beach in Goa

Baga beach in Goa

The beaches of Goa are known to be amongst the best in the world. There are several beaches in Goa, scattered all around the state, which make entire Goa a vibrant and colorful place to tour and travel in. Goa has beaches in its North Goa as well as South Goa districts.  Here is a brief list of all the beaches in the state:

Candolim Beach:
Candolim Beach is well known as a tourist spot all over the world. The Candolim beach is quite popular as it is the birth place of Abbe Faria, the Goan Freedom Fighter. Abbe Faria is also known as the Father of Hypnotism.  The Candolim beach is one of the contemporary beaches that is not as crowded as the other beaches in Goa.

Baga Beach:
The Baga Beach is one of the smallest fishing beaches in Goa. It has several shady palms that are close to the water’s edge. The Baga Beach is more of an extension of the Calangute beach, another popular beach in Goa.  Of course, the Baga Beach is not as crowded as the Calangute Beach is. The Baga beach is one of the safest beaches in Goa, since it does not have any dangerous undercurrents and has clean and white sand. Also, since the beach is not as crowded as the other beaches, there is lesser pollution in th Baga Beach.

Bambolim Beach:
The Bambolim Beach is supposed to be one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. It is settled at the mouth of the Zuari River. The Bambolim Beach is flanked by the Goa University and the Goa Medical College. The Bambolim Beach is quite isolated and private as compared to the other beaches in Goa.

These are just some of the beaches in Goa. There are several other beaches in Goa which are bound to enthrall the tourists who visit Goa.


Goa Cities

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Goa is counted in the top ten tourist spots in India and the world. Because of the weather, environment and the comfortable environs, Goa welcomes everyone warmly. Several cities in Goa are known for their beaches, churches and other places of Interest. These are some of the major cities in Goa:

Panaji: Panaji is the capital of Goa. The city is also known as Panajim. It is located in Tiswadi Taluka. Panaji is located on the left bank of the Mandovi River. Panaji is famous for having the oldest municipality in Asia.

Margao: is another important city in South Goa. It is the most important town in South Goa. South Goa is well connected by road as well as rail. Margao is located in the Salcete Taluka.  The national highway connects Goa to Maharastra and Karnataka.

Mapusa: Mapusa is another important town in North Goa. Mapusa is known as the commercial hub of Goa. Mapusa is full of people who wish to get some tokens of their visits to Goa. It has several bazaars, which sell all the important trinkets and reminders of Goa. It is located in the Bardez taluka. Mapusa has several churches and gardens, which make it one of the most beautiful places in Goa.

Mollem: Mollem is situated on the north-east border of Goa. It is settled along the Panaji Belgaum National highway. Mollem is home to one of the biggest of the four sanctuaries in Goa, the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.  The Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is home to some of the richest wild life in India. The Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary has various birds, flora and fauna that would surely interest a nature lover.

These are just some of the places in Goa that would interest the tourist. There are several other cities and places of interest in Goa that would come at par with all the great tourist spots in India and the world.


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