North Goa – the beaches the city & more!

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Beaches in north Goa

Beaches in north Goa

Goa comprises of two districts, North Goa and South Goa. North Goa has a complete area of one thousand seven hundred and thirty six kilometers square. North Goa is bound by the Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts of Maharasthra to the north and east. It is bound by the South Goa district to the south. To the west of North Goa lies the Arabian Sea. Read more


South Goa

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Goa is one of the most well known states of India. It is a tourist spot for Indians and foreigners alike. Along with tourism, Goa is known for its architectural marvels as well as its beaches and flora and fauna. Goa is comprises of two areas, South Goa and North Goa.

South Goa is bounded by the North Goa District to the North and Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka to the south and the East. To the West, South Goa is bounded by the Arabian Sea. South Goa is known for its natural beauty and the services that it offers to the tourists.

South Goa has three subdivisions and five Taluks. The subdivisions are Margaon, Mormugao and Quepem. The taluks are Mormugao, Quepem, Sanguem, Canacona and Salcete.

South Goa has a rich and vibrant heritage as well as the flora and fauna that have made it a hot spot for tourists all over the world. South Goa has several natural beaches which make it a must visit spot for tourists. It also has several temples. South Goa is headed by hill spots, paddy fields and waterfalls all over.

South Goa is home to the Colva and the Benaulim Beach, two of the most beautiful beaches in South Goa. South Goa also has the Dabolim Airport, which is near Vasco da Gama. Bogmalo is another important venue in South Goa. It has a beach and several resting areas for tourists.  The most famous beach of Goa, the Colva Beach has several tourist cottages and other hotels and complexes. Colva was a predominantly a fishing area, but the economic progresses brought about by tourism have crept up here too. Thus, South Goa is instrumental in adding the splendor that is always available in Goa. It has some of Goa’s most important and beautiful beaches along with other tourist spots.


Goa Sports: Fun and Adventure in one basket

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Goa, the place of silver beaches, stunning churches, exotic food, and luxurious accommodation option. Travelers across the globe visit Goa to enjoy the charm of the place. Apart from the enchanting beaches and the historical churches there are several other options of why travelers choose Goa as a holiday destination more than once. Goa is a center for sports and recreation too. Goa is surrounded by a number of beaches and thereby water sports are the most popular recreational options in the state. Beaches of Goa are always crowded with people indulged with some or the other Goa sports.

The main sport in the state is football. Though, the main sport is football yet the beaches all around make the water sports to be the common one. Sports like windsurfing and the water skiing is very popular on the pristine and silver sand beaches. Coaching on these sports is also very common on the beaches. Travelers and common people are indulged in learning in these adventurous sports. Travelers from all over the world visit Goa to enjoy sports like Parasailing and Jet skiing too. Dinghy sailing is also very popular and common sport in Goa. Goa sports also include Angling and Scuba diving.

Goa sport is one of the major factors influencing the tourism sector in the state. Cruising is another popular sport in the state. Foreigners often visit to enjoy the pleasures of bird watching a common sporting activity in Goa. Adventure and recreation make the state a popular hunt of travelers from different parts of the world. Among the adventure sports hiking and trekking are also very common. The best part of all the sports in Goa is that there’s no restriction of age to take up any game. So, to make the most of the place, go for the exclusive and fascinating sports.


Goa Churches: Epitome of Architectural Splendor

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Goa is one of the most picturesque destinations in India. Though the smallest state in India, but yet it attracts a huge number of tourists from across the world. Pristine beaches, attractive shops, and attractive churches, this place is an abode of peace for the tourists. Goa is most popular for the beaches but thousands of tourists visit Goa to explore the majestic churches throughout Goa’s skyline. Once a Portugal colony, Goa has still not lost the charm of colonialism. Old Goa is a world heritage site.

The majestic architecture of the Goa churches draws the attention of a number of globetrotters. Most of the churches in Goa feature two or three types of architecture. The architectural grandeur of these churches reflects the flavor of Portugal. The most distinct architectures that are reflected in the churches are baroque style of architecture or the ornate altars. Gothic staircases are the most prevalent feature in most of these churches.

Goa churches make the place a pilgrimage site for Asian Christians. Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the most important and attractive churches in Goa. The church features a tomb of St Francis Xavier. Basilica of Bom Jesus keeps up the charm of Old Goa. Old

Goa’s another very charming church is the Church Of St Francis Of Assisi. The church boasts of glorifying history. The rich culture of Goa is reflected in these churches.

Tourists from all over the world visit Panaji to explore the splendor of the Se Cathedral church. This church is dedicated to St. Catherine. The most interesting story of the church revolves around its construction. It took three fourth of the century in the construction. The magnificent beauty of the church is a result of joint efforts from engineers Julio Simao and Ambrosio Arguero. Made in the shape of a church, this is one of the best attractions for tourists. Another Goan church is the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception situated in Panaji.

Don’t visit Goa only for beaches; visit it to explore the stunning Goa churches.


The Animal Kingdom of Goa

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The region of the Western Ghats located in Goa is considered to be a perfect place for the habitation of the colonies of different variety of animals and birds. This region also facilitates the wild life to immigrate and relocate in these bushy regions of Goa. This Western Ghats situated in the regions of Goa are well known by the name of   Sahyadris. This region of Sahyadris is spreads over the 600 kilo meters of the land in Goa. The length of these Ghats is about 3702 kilo meters. These Forest regions of the Western Ghats cover the region of Goa as well as some region of its neighboring territory of Karnataka. Because of these wide spread mountain regions leads to a good amount of rain fall here.

Wildlife in the Tropical Atmosphere
On the other hand there is a wide coastal region results in a tropical atmosphere. There are various species of trees and plants which had developed their protectorate on these costal regions. These species were identified by the Portuguese. Among them the mainly known variety was of Green Chilies. This plant is now famous in the whole world as an ingredient of utmost important in the names of spices. This spice is very important in Indian Curries. The temperature crosses even 20% centigrade in the season of winter.

There are many different Sanctuaries in Goa. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over the land of 240 square kilo meters on the north way of Panaji to the way of Belgaum. It is also known as the Paradise of the birds. Every person who likes bird watching likes to go there at lest once. The other one is Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. This spreads over the land of 8 square kilo meters but it is very easy to reach there. One more Sanctuary is there named Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.


The Glory Of The Temples of Goa

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The word temple is not really associated with the territory Goa. This place is mainly known for its churches. It is really astonishing to learn some thing about the temples located in the pilgrimage territory of Goa. These temples were enjoying a pleasure till the Rule of Portuguese. After the rule of Portuguese, The glory of this temple started declining. They destroyed the magnificent temples and built up their monuments on that place.  Yet out of all the temples, some of them still survive. They some how, were able to deal with these offensive act and are still conserved by the government. They stand motionlessly even in today’s date.

The Temple of Saraswat
The temples of Saraswat are some live examples of the survival from the injustice of the Portuguese rule. They are still visited and worshiped in a particular time intervals. Each temple here has its own peculiarities. Some of them are surrounded by the sky touching trees of betel nuts and coconuts. Some were surrounded by the lakes of the pure and pilgrimage water. Some others used to have the pillars shining in the sun light. These temples depicted the beauty of nature. We would feel to be in the embrace of the God.

Details of Different Temples of Goa
The oldest and beautiful temple of Saraswat is located in Goa. They are Mangeshi temples located at Priol, the temple of lord Ganapati at Khandole, The Shanta Durga Temple situated at Kavele, The holy place of Maha Laxmi located at Bandewade and lastly the Temple of Sri Nagesh Maharudra Temple situated in Bandora are very famous for their simplicity and enchanting atmosphere. The Temple of Sri Nagesh Maharudra stood still even at the time of the rule of the Portuguese.

Atrunja Taluka located in Goa was renamed as Ponda as known in today’s date. You will be able to enjoy the glory of Hindu religion without any bars here, as this region of Ponda has a number of Hindu temples. Among all of them the oldest one is the Temple of Sri Ganapati which is located in the village of Khandole.


Goa Restaurants-absolutely delicious

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In Goa you will find different types of restaurants.  You will different types of food. You will find Punjabi Food, Gujarati food and various other type of food. You can also find eatables like panipuri, sugarcane juice and various types of juices.

Yu can also take the advantage of global cooking like Chinese, Thai, Italian and various other types of global dishes.  There are many popular eating places which are famous for the services that are provided by them. The following are the eating places you should visit in Goa:

Souza Lobo- Calangute Beach
This restaurant is 65 years old. This eating place is famous for the services that are provided by them and it is also famous for its location. It also provides the best facility for stay.

Mirabai’s Goan Village-Calangute Road
This restaurant is the eating place which is famous for the Goan Dishes. This place is found on the side of the road and it is also famous for the ambience that is provided by this eating place.

Sparrows Nest-Clangute Main Road
This restaurant is located near the petrol station of Calangute. The specialty of this restaurant is that it provides the best services for the Goan Dishes. This restaurant is famous among the localities of Goa and it is also successful in gaining the attention of the tourists. The most important advantage of this restaurant is that the price as low as compare to other restaurants.

St Anthony’s Restaurant
This restaurant is considered to be the oldest eating place in Goa. The vital advantage of visiting this eating place is that the staff is this restaurant is friendly with its customers. The popularity of this restaurant is increasing continuously and it is becoming famous in gaining the attention of the tourist.

Kim Fa Chinese Restaurant
This restaurant is located on the Baga Street. It is famous for the Chinese dishes this is the right place for the Chinese food.

This restaurant is located on the highway of Panaji. This eating place is located in the fields and it is also famous for the Chinese food. It is considered to be the right place for the lovers of Chinese dishes.


Famous Forts of Goa

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There are many people who believe that Goa is famous for the beaches and wine. If you are amongst these groups of people then it is your fallacy. It is famous for the forts.

The famous forts of Goa

Aguada Fort:
This land was once ruled by the kings of Portuguese. This fort would help you to know the history of Goa and this fort would also tell you about the Yore they are not found in Goa. They would start screaming when they get excited about the particular thing. If you visit the height of this fort then you can take the pleasure of seeing the Arabian seas or you can take the pleasure of sunset. This fort was once guarded by the Portugal’s. Their main aim was to protect the entrance of the fort.

The main aim of building this fort was to protect Goa from the exterior opponents. This fort was named as Aguada fort because the place where is fort was build had water for all the seasons.

Chapora Fort:
Chapora Fort is found near the Anjuna beach. This fort was build by the king of Bijapur. If you visit the top of this beach then you can view some wonderful scenes of the sea. This fort is found on top of the precipice. The shells of this place help in giving the magical look to this fort. This fort was taken over by the Portugal so you can find the design of the building similar to the Portugal design.

Cabo De Rama:
Cabo De Rama fort is located on the southern coast of Goa. This fort was reconstructed by the Portuguese. They had constructed a chapel in the fort. The chapel of this fort is still used by the localities of this place. The shells of this place help in giving the mystical look to the fort. The internal structure of this fort catches the attention of the tourists. It is believed that Lord Ram use to reside in this fort with his spouse Sita.

Terekhol Fort:
This fort was build by the king of Sawanwadi. This fort is located on the banks of the river called Terekhol. In 1764 this fort was captured by the king of Portuguese. Nowadays, this fort is transformed into traditional hotels. If you want to relax then you should visit this fort.


Beach resorts in Goa: make your stay thrilling

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Goa-ResortGoa is a paradise of beach lovers. With the sun, sand and sky blending together, nature is at its best in Goa. The Goa beaches are exotic and no one can miss the enchanting beaches. Well, the beach resorts in Goa adds to a splendid holidaying. The beach resorts–Goa- looks into all your needs in the most pleasurable way.

A large number of resorts line the Goa beaches and a majority of them maintain international standards. The facilities and services offered at the beach resorts–Goa- is the best that you can get anywhere. Majority of the travellers love to have accommodation at the beach resorts–Goa, as it only offers the best. The beach resorts–Goa offers the best beach experience.

Almost all the beach resorts–Goa have beachfront access, which makes the stay at these beach resorts an exciting experience. At the beach resorts–Goa, you can either stay at villas or cottages.  You can choose from sea-facing rooms to and terrace sea-facing suites. The beach resorts–Goa also offer many recreational facilities. If tired of the salt waters, jump into the fresh water swimming pools. Almost all the beach resorts–Goa provide sailing, surfing, windsurfing, Para sailing, water skiing, banana boat rides and a lot more.

Get a taste of the Goan cuisine at the beach resorts–Goa. More than that, you can have your favourite dishes, especially seafood, at the world-class restaurants while staying at any of the beach resorts–Goa. The bars also offer your favourite drinks.

Some of the beach resorts–Goa also have massage parlours and spas that helps in relaxing the nerves.

One of the best beach resorts–Goa is the Aguada Beach Resort, built on the ramparts of a 16th century Portuguese fortress. Right on the beach, the Aguada Beach Resort offers the best stay while in Goa. The Hotel Majorda Beach Resort in South Goa also assures a splendid stay. The other top beach resorts–Goa are Kenilworth Beach Resort, Whispering Palms Beach Hotel, Bogmallo Beach Hotel, Hotel Ronil Beach, Hotel Silver Sands Beach and Paradise Village Beach Resort.

The beach resorts–Goa are a great name in hospitality and services. While in Goa, it is better to stay at beach resorts–Goa, which is a great experience.


Glamorous Nights of Goa

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The nights of Goa are full of entertainment. There are different types of parties that are sponsored by the different clubs of Goa. Among them the party animals is the one that tries to gain the attention of many tourists. This party is celebrated on the beaches. There are many popular discos in Goa. The localities of Goa enjoy the party when try are accompanied by their family members. They love to shout and enjoy the atmosphere of the discos that are located in Goa.

There are many discos that add some light to the floor of disco. Due to this reason the night of Goa becomes the attraction of enjoyment and celebration. Disco is considered to be the favorite means of enjoying your holidays in Goa. There are different types of music in Goa. You will find music like hip-top, trance and various other type of music. This music helps in bringing some life in the atmosphere of Goa. There are many discos in Goa that provide the facility of snacks and various other types of drinks. The beaches of Goa are considered to be the best place to enjoy the nights of Goa and take the advantage of the best music that is played in the climate of Goa.

The famous Discos of Goa

The Alocve:
This is one of the most popular discos of Goa. This disco is located at Ozran Vagator beach. Alocave is the one which is untied till the midnight.

This is one of the most famous discos. This disco is found at Red Cab Inn and it is located. This disco is open till late in the night.

Ziggys :
This disco is located on the beach of Colva and it is working till 10 o’clock. This is one of the most popular dancing floors.

Johnny Cools:
This disco is located on the Beach of Colva and this dancing floor is open till late night.

The above are the most famous discos of Goa and it is famous for the facilities an d services that are provided by them.


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