Goa Churches: Epitome of Architectural Splendor

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Goa is one of the most picturesque destinations in India. However, the smallest state in India, but yet it attracts a huge number of tourists from across the world. Pristine beaches, attractive shops, and attractive churches, this place is an abode of peace for the tourists. Goa is most popular for the beaches but thousands of tourists visit Goa to explore the majestic churches throughout Goa’s skyline. Once a Portugal colony, Goa has still not lost the charm of colonialism. Old Goa is a world heritage site.

The majestic architecture of the Goa churches draws the attention of a number of globetrotters. Most of the churches in Goa feature two or three types of architecture. The architectural grandeur of these churches reflects the flavor of Portugal. The most distinct architectures that are reflected in the churches are baroque style of architecture or the ornate altars. Gothic staircases are the most prevalent feature in most of these churches.

Goa churches make the place a pilgrimage site for Asian Christians. Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the most important and attractive churches in Goa. The church features a tomb of St Francis Xavier. Basilica of Bom Jesus keeps up the charm of Old Goa. Old Goa’s another very charming church is the Church Of St Francis Of Assisi. The church boasts of glorifying history. The rich culture of Goa is reflected in these churches.

Tourists from all over the world visit Panaji to explore the splendor of the Se Cathedral church. This church is dedicated to St. Catherine. The most interesting story of the church revolves around its construction. It took three fourth of the century in the construction. The magnificent beauty of the church is a result of joint efforts from engineers Julio Simao and Ambrosio Arguero. Made in the shape of a church, this is one of the best attractions for tourists. Another Goan church is the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception situated in Panaji.

Don’t visit Goa only for beaches; visit it to explore the stunning Goa churches.


Goa beach weddings: a romantic experience for a lifetime

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Getting married in the Goa beaches is a memorable moment and a dream come true for many. Tie the knot in the pristine beaches, accompanied by the sounds of the swaying palms and the crashing waves.  Goa is a perfect place for a dream wedding.

The groom and the bride will love the unique Goa beach weddings. People from all over love to get married at the Goa beach weddings because of the serene beaches and the warm atmosphere that Goa provides. It is a different wedding that everyone experience at the Goa beach weddings. 

The beach resorts provide romantic Goa beach weddings. You can also have Goa beach weddings at the private beaches owned by some hotels. One can choose from the various weddings packages that are so helpful in the smooth conducting of Goa beach weddings. If you want to have a wedding far from the madding crowd, you can arrange Goa beach weddings at very secluded beaches. 

With numerous wedding planners in Goa, there is no difficulty in arranging Goa beach weddings. They even cover the legal procedures of getting married in Goa like registering the weddings. These wedding planners arrange the venue, accommodation of guests, reception, catering, entertainment, music, photography and video; they take the responsibility of everything. 

Well, permission is needed from the Goa government for these goa beach weddings. Calangute, Palolem, Baga and Colva are the favourite beaches for tying the knot. 

Even if you are a Christian or a Hindu or belong to some other religion, you can have Goa beach weddings according to your customs and traditions. Even Foreigners can tie the knot at the Goa beach weddings. 

The emotions and feelings of the Goa beach weddings will remain with you for ever; a loving, romantic experience in the Goa beaches to get a life partner.


Goa cruises: an unforgettable experience

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Nature has always been at its best in Goa, the beach capital of India. With its greenery, calm atmosphere, rivers and backwaters, Goa is a perfect destination for everyone, be it young, old or the honeymooners. Once in Goa, a cruise in the picturesque rivers and the sea is really wonderful; an unforgettable experience.

The Goa cruises have their own charm. The Goa cruises take you into a marvellous world with the rising and setting sun in the background, racing dolphins and the top class luxuries in the cruise liner. Goa cruise is just an unforgettable experience in a lifetime.

You can choose from the many options that suit your time and budget. Rest assured that our rates are reasonable and affordable which means you don’t have to join online bingo games to accumulate extra money for your cruise. You can choose either the ocean cruise or the river cruise. The river cruises are a thrilling experience of the unexplored Goa; watch the green paddy fields and the remote hamlets along the riverbanks. River cruises are available in several options like Sun Set Cruise, Night Cruise and the Full Moon Cruise.

You can choose from the many options that suit your time and budget. You can choose either the ocean cruise or the river cruise. The river cruises are a thrilling experience of the unexplored Goa; watch the green paddy fields and the remote hamlets along the riverbanks. River cruises are available in several options like Sun Set Cruise, Night Cruise and the Full Moon Cruise.

The Sun Set cruise is a one-hour trip. On the background of the sun setting, you can spot a few historical monuments like the Aguada Fort, Reis Magos Church, the Reis Magos Fort and the Cabo Raj Bhavan. You can also watch traditional Goan dance like Fugdi and Shigmo from the decks. Watch Goa coming to life in the night by undertaking a sun down cruise.

Enjoy the serene moon light while cruising along Mandovi. The Full Moon cruise takes you to an altogether different world. Enjoy the night skies of Goa, which is an enjoyable experience.

Just like the river cruises, the Goa ocean cruise is also exciting. Board the liners at Mumbai and head towards Goa. With all modern facilities, sail in luxury through the serene blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Most of the liners are real luxuries with state-of-the-art restaurants, bars, and pubs, massage parlours and fitness centers.  Experience the royal treatment at the Goa cruise out there in the Arabian Sea.

Goa cruises are an enjoyable experience, which you should not miss during your holidays in Goa.

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Come closer to nature at goa wildlife

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Goa, the land of beaches, nightlife and seafood, is also known for its wildlife sanctuaries, which is a haven for a wide range of species of flora and fauna. The green canopy in the Western Ghats that dot this beautiful land houses deer, Indian bison, giant squirrels, elephants, panthers, monkeys, cobras, and many more. You can even come across local and migratory birds in the Goa wilds.

The wild life sanctuaries are not that vast as in other parts of the country, but even then the green vegetation is an escape from the bustling city life. People, who love the greens, love the birds chirping and who love to get closer with wild animals can have a great experience in the goa wildlife sanctuaries; enjoy goa wildlife.

Goa is a favourite destination of bird watchers as lots of local and migratory birds can be watched at close quarters. The Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is an abode of bird enthusiasts.

Apart from the salim Ali bird sanctuary, there are three other wildlife sanctuaries in Goa — Bondla Wildlife sanctuary, Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary at Mollem and the Cotigao Wlidlife Sanctuary.

Deer, gaurs, giant squirrels, cobras and pythons are a common sight at the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, which is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa.  One can even come across tigers and elephants here. The Bondla wildlife sanctuary is an idle forest resort with zoos, deer park, botanical and rose gardens. One can spot various reptiles and view the dense forests at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Goa wildlife tourism industry and several private tour operators’ conduct goa wildlife tours, which brings you closer to the flora and fauna. During these goa wildlife tours, you may be lucky to watch a panther, elephant or a wild boar at very close quarters. You will never be disappointed in the goan wilds. Well, accommodations are provided in and around the sanctuaries; a stay in the wilderness brings you closer to nature.

It is not just parties and beaches that Goa has for you. But if you want to come closer to nature, the Goa wild life is there.


The Animal Kingdom of Goa

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The region of the Western Ghats located in Goa is considered to be a perfect place for the habitation of the colonies of different variety of animals and birds. This region also facilitates the wild life to immigrate and relocate in these bushy regions of Goa. This Western Ghats situated in the regions of Goa are well known by the name of   Sahyadris. This region of Sahyadris is spreads over the 600 kilo meters of the land in Goa. The length of these Ghats is about 3702 kilo meters. These Forest regions of the Western Ghats cover the region of Goa as well as some region of its neighboring territory of Karnataka. Because of these wide spread mountain regions leads to a good amount of rain fall here.

Wildlife in the Tropical Atmosphere
On the other hand there is a wide coastal region results in a tropical atmosphere. There are various species of trees and plants which had developed their protectorate on these costal regions. These species were identified by the Portuguese. Among them the mainly known variety was of Green Chilies. This plant is now famous in the whole world as an ingredient of utmost important in the names of spices. This spice is very important in Indian Curries. The temperature crosses even 20% centigrade in the season of winter.

There are many different Sanctuaries in Goa. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over the land of 240 square kilo meters on the north way of Panaji to the way of Belgaum. It is also known as the Paradise of the birds. Every person who likes bird watching likes to go there at lest once. The other one is Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. This spreads over the land of 8 square kilo meters but it is very easy to reach there. One more Sanctuary is there named Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.


The Glory Of The Temples of Goa

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The word temple is not really associated with the territory Goa. This place is mainly known for its churches. It is really astonishing to learn some thing about the temples located in the pilgrimage territory of Goa. These temples were enjoying a pleasure till the Rule of Portuguese. After the rule of Portuguese, The glory of this temple started declining. They destroyed the magnificent temples and built up their monuments on that place.  Yet out of all the temples, some of them still survive. They some how, were able to deal with these offensive act and are still conserved by the government. They stand motionlessly even in today’s date.

The Temple of Saraswat
The temples of Saraswat are some live examples of the survival from the injustice of the Portuguese rule. They are still visited and worshiped in a particular time intervals. Each temple here has its own peculiarities. Some of them are surrounded by the sky touching trees of betel nuts and coconuts. Some were surrounded by the lakes of the pure and pilgrimage water. Some others used to have the pillars shining in the sun light. These temples depicted the beauty of nature. We would feel to be in the embrace of the God.

Details of Different Temples of Goa
The oldest and beautiful temple of Saraswat is located in Goa. They are Mangeshi temples located at Priol, the temple of lord Ganapati at Khandole, The Shanta Durga Temple situated at Kavele, The holy place of Maha Laxmi located at Bandewade and lastly the Temple of Sri Nagesh Maharudra Temple situated in Bandora are very famous for their simplicity and enchanting atmosphere. The Temple of Sri Nagesh Maharudra stood still even at the time of the rule of the Portuguese.

Atrunja Taluka located in Goa was renamed as Ponda as known in today’s date. You will be able to enjoy the glory of Hindu religion without any bars here, as this region of Ponda has a number of Hindu temples. Among all of them the oldest one is the Temple of Sri Ganapati which is located in the village of Khandole.