Come closer to nature at goa wildlife

Goa, the land of beaches, nightlife and seafood, is also known for its wildlife sanctuaries, which is a haven for a wide range of species of flora and fauna. The green canopy in the Western Ghats that dot this beautiful land houses deer, Indian bison, giant squirrels, elephants, panthers, monkeys, cobras, and many more. You can even come across local and migratory birds in the Goa wilds.

The wild life sanctuaries are not that vast as in other parts of the country, but even then the green vegetation is an escape from the bustling city life. People, who love the greens, love the birds chirping and who love to get closer with wild animals can have a great experience in the goa wildlife sanctuaries; enjoy goa wildlife.

Goa is a favourite destination of bird watchers as lots of local and migratory birds can be watched at close quarters. The Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is an abode of bird enthusiasts.

Apart from the salim Ali bird sanctuary, there are three other wildlife sanctuaries in Goa — Bondla Wildlife sanctuary, Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary at Mollem and the Cotigao Wlidlife Sanctuary.

Deer, gaurs, giant squirrels, cobras and pythons are a common sight at the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, which is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa.  One can even come across tigers and elephants here. The Bondla wildlife sanctuary is an idle forest resort with zoos, deer park, botanical and rose gardens. One can spot various reptiles and view the dense forests at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Goa wildlife tourism industry and several private tour operators’ conduct goa wildlife tours, which brings you closer to the flora and fauna. During these goa wildlife tours, you may be lucky to watch a panther, elephant or a wild boar at very close quarters. You will never be disappointed in the goan wilds. Well, accommodations are provided in and around the sanctuaries; a stay in the wilderness brings you closer to nature.

It is not just parties and beaches that Goa has for you. But if you want to come closer to nature, the Goa wild life is there.

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