Famous Forts of Goa

There are many people who believe that Goa is famous for the beaches and wine. If you are amongst these groups of people then it is your fallacy. It is famous for the forts.

The famous forts of Goa

Aguada Fort:
This land was once ruled by the kings of Portuguese. This fort would help you to know the history of Goa and this fort would also tell you about the Yore they are not found in Goa. They would start screaming when they get excited about the particular thing. If you visit the height of this fort then you can take the pleasure of seeing the Arabian seas or you can take the pleasure of sunset. This fort was once guarded by the Portugal’s. Their main aim was to protect the entrance of the fort.

The main aim of building this fort was to protect Goa from the exterior opponents. This fort was named as Aguada fort because the place where is fort was build had water for all the seasons.

Chapora Fort:
Chapora Fort is found near the Anjuna beach. This fort was build by the king of Bijapur. If you visit the top of this beach then you can view some wonderful scenes of the sea. This fort is found on top of the precipice. The shells of this place help in giving the magical look to this fort. This fort was taken over by the Portugal so you can find the design of the building similar to the Portugal design.

Cabo De Rama:
Cabo De Rama fort is located on the southern coast of Goa. This fort was reconstructed by the Portuguese. They had constructed a chapel in the fort. The chapel of this fort is still used by the localities of this place. The shells of this place help in giving the mystical look to the fort. The internal structure of this fort catches the attention of the tourists. It is believed that Lord Ram use to reside in this fort with his spouse Sita.

Terekhol Fort:
This fort was build by the king of Sawanwadi. This fort is located on the banks of the river called Terekhol. In 1764 this fort was captured by the king of Portuguese. Nowadays, this fort is transformed into traditional hotels. If you want to relax then you should visit this fort.

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