Goa carnival: Enjoy the mood

goa carnival imagesCome February, it is carnival in Goa. For three days, the streets of Goa come alive with music, dance, processions and a lot more. Visit Goa in February and enjoy the non-stop festive, a festival of colours.

In no other part of India, such a Carnival is held. The entire state of Goa becomes live with the coming of February. Happiness rings round the streets of Goa and the people are seen in their best mood during the Goa carnival.

The Goa carnival is not just a festival of the Goans, but it has become part of the tourists as well. Only a few can resists the temptation of dancing and singing in the streets during the Goa carnival; old and young, men and women, kids and adults participate in this merry making.

Colourful processions and floats are an integral part of the Goa carnival. Singing and dancing on the streets, Goans as well as the tourists enjoy the real colours of the carnival. Masked people form a part of the celebrations. Short plays, which have a touch of history is another attraction of the Goa Carnival. The short plays are composed by Goans and are generally enacted by men, who perform the roles of women as well. The colourful costumes and the headgear add charm to the Goa cainival.

The Portuguese introduced the Goa carnival in the 18th century. The Goa carnival, which is an integral part of the Portuguese heritage of the state, begins on Sabado Gordo (Fat Saturday) and concludes on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday). The Goa Carnival ends with Red-and -Black dance.

The three-day Goa Carnival is a time for drinks, feasts and merry making before the beginning of 40 days of Lent. Though it is considered to be a Christian festival, all Goans take part in the celebrations.

The Goa carnival is one of the vibrant festivals. Planning to visit Goa, February is the best season as the entire Goa is in a mood to party.

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