Parasailing in Goa; leap to the skies and adore the beauty

Goa has a beautiful stretch of coast, lined with coconut palms and silvery beaches. If you want to have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Goa coastline, just go for parasailing, which is a live experience. Fly like a bird and adore the beauty of Goa.

As the speedboat speeds off into the sea, take a breath and look down into the calmness of Goa; a rare experience to see the enchanting beaches. Most of the people who flock to Goa are interested in parasailing as it is a stimulating experience that one cannot get anywhere else. Though parasailing is a thrilling experience, a person who fears heights should not venture to leap into the skies.

Well, before you set on parasailing in Goa, it is better to have some basic training. You can come across numerous government and non-government organisations that arrange training. The charges are only reasonable. Well, the hotels, resorts and travel agents all arrange parasailing in Goa.

There are various ways of Parasailing in Goa like winch boat parasailing and beach parasailing. Though the lifting is the same in both the parasailing, the landing is different. One has to land in the winch boat itself in winch boat parasailing and in the beach parasailing, one has to land in the beach.

Parasailing in Goa involves a lot of action and adventure. After Parasailing in Goa, you can just feel the fun of flying in the sky. Visit Goa from October to May, which is the best season for Parasailing. Some of the best beaches where you can have parasailing are Majorda Beach, Condolim Beach, Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach.

Once in Goa, you should have to go for parasailing as it is a rare experience. Hold your breath and leap to the skies and enjoy the dramatic view of the beaches and the sea.

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