Goa Beaches – Simply Amazing

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Goa is one of the best tourist destinations of India. In case, you are planning for your holidays then you should try to visit Goa. It is true that Goa is one of the most happening and fascinating state of India. It is known for its tradition, culture and beaches. You must know that Goa is considered to be the smallest state amongst all the other states of India. Years back, the state was ruled by Portuguese. Therefore, it is a mixture of Indian as well as European tradition. You will be amazed to know that an attractive beach of Goa invites two million tourists each year.

Number of Amazing Beaches

You will be surprised to know the fact that Goa has a bunch of forty different beaches. Each of these beaches is unique from each other. The most amazing fact is the pollution factor. Majority of the beaches in Goa are free from the problems of pollution. Thanks to the tourism department of Goa. You should be aware that most of these beaches are not safe for swimming. Few of the most well known beaches of Goa are Baga beach, Calangute beach, Anjuna Beach and many more. Most of the famous and amazing beaches of Goa are located on the northern side of Panaji (capital of the state).

The Truth

Beaches of Goa are more better then the rest of the beaches in India. You must know that Goa beaches are famous all over the world. At the same time, the facility and cleanliness of the Goa beaches is better then others.

You will be able to shake your body with the help of beer or a dash of feni (Goan Alcoholic Drink). On the other hand, you can enjoy some effective sun bath on the beaches of Goa. You must know that most of the people would also prefer to enjoy shopping near the beaches. Check out some of the sunset pictures of Baga Beach


Goa Bars-thrilling experience

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The bars of Goa are the center of attraction for most of the tourists. This is the place that most tourists love to attain and take the advantage of the services that are provided by them. Goa is famous for different types of wines. In Goa you will find varieties of wines.” Feni” is the most popular wine of Goa. The popularity of this wine is increasing in the whole world. Most of the bars are located on the banks of different beaches. These bars provide shelter to all those who want to stay away from the busy schedules of life. It gives them an opportunity to take the advantage of the cool breeze that is found on the banks of sea. Each bar has its own music. The main aim of these bars is to provide the unique music to their customers. The popularity of Shacks is increasing continuously. You can enjoy liquor on the wonderful coast of Goa.

Facilities provided by the Goa Bars

The bars of Goa play an important role in increasing the passion of the tourist. You will find many youths enjoying the nights of Goa. Youths enjoy their night by dancing on different types of music. Bars at Goa would provide you the facility of various types’ brands. You will find local drinks and international drinks and from this brand you are suppose to select the brand that would help in satisfying your requirements. The most important advantage of this bar is that the price of the drinks in not high every one can afford to buy this drink. The night life of Goa is considered to be the most glamorous night. You will find that the localities of Goa have their own bars or the restaurants. If you are planning to visit Goa with the intention of taking rest then the North Goa Bars is the best option for you.

Cool Cat, desleys Bar and various other bars are the most popular bars of Goa and these bars are famous for the services that are provided by them.