Goa Cities

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Goa is counted in the top ten tourist spots in India and the world. Because of the weather, environment and the comfortable environs, Goa welcomes everyone warmly. Several cities in Goa are known for their beaches, churches and other places of Interest. These are some of the major cities in Goa:

Panaji: Panaji is the capital of Goa. The city is also known as Panajim. It is located in Tiswadi Taluka. Panaji is located on the left bank of the Mandovi River. Panaji is famous for having the oldest municipality in Asia.

Margao: is another important city in South Goa. It is the most important town in South Goa. South Goa is well connected by road as well as rail. Margao is located in the Salcete Taluka.  The national highway connects Goa to Maharastra and Karnataka.

Mapusa: Mapusa is another important town in North Goa. Mapusa is known as the commercial hub of Goa. Mapusa is full of people who wish to get some tokens of their visits to Goa. It has several bazaars, which sell all the important trinkets and reminders of Goa. It is located in the Bardez taluka. Mapusa has several churches and gardens, which make it one of the most beautiful places in Goa.

Mollem: Mollem is situated on the north-east border of Goa. It is settled along the Panaji Belgaum National highway. Mollem is home to one of the biggest of the four sanctuaries in Goa, the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.  The Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is home to some of the richest wild life in India. The Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary has various birds, flora and fauna that would surely interest a nature lover.

These are just some of the places in Goa that would interest the tourist. There are several other cities and places of interest in Goa that would come at par with all the great tourist spots in India and the world.


The Animal Kingdom of Goa

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The region of the Western Ghats located in Goa is considered to be a perfect place for the habitation of the colonies of different variety of animals and birds. This region also facilitates the wild life to immigrate and relocate in these bushy regions of Goa. This Western Ghats situated in the regions of Goa are well known by the name of   Sahyadris. This region of Sahyadris is spreads over the 600 kilo meters of the land in Goa. The length of these Ghats is about 3702 kilo meters. These Forest regions of the Western Ghats cover the region of Goa as well as some region of its neighboring territory of Karnataka. Because of these wide spread mountain regions leads to a good amount of rain fall here.

Wildlife in the Tropical Atmosphere
On the other hand there is a wide coastal region results in a tropical atmosphere. There are various species of trees and plants which had developed their protectorate on these costal regions. These species were identified by the Portuguese. Among them the mainly known variety was of Green Chilies. This plant is now famous in the whole world as an ingredient of utmost important in the names of spices. This spice is very important in Indian Curries. The temperature crosses even 20% centigrade in the season of winter.

There are many different Sanctuaries in Goa. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over the land of 240 square kilo meters on the north way of Panaji to the way of Belgaum. It is also known as the Paradise of the birds. Every person who likes bird watching likes to go there at lest once. The other one is Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. This spreads over the land of 8 square kilo meters but it is very easy to reach there. One more Sanctuary is there named Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.