The Glory Of The Temples of Goa

The word temple is not really associated with the territory Goa. This place is mainly known for its churches. It is really astonishing to learn some thing about the temples located in the pilgrimage territory of Goa. These temples were enjoying a pleasure till the Rule of Portuguese. After the rule of Portuguese, The glory of this temple started declining. They destroyed the magnificent temples and built up their monuments on that place.  Yet out of all the temples, some of them still survive. They some how, were able to deal with these offensive act and are still conserved by the government. They stand motionlessly even in today’s date.

The Temple of Saraswat
The temples of Saraswat are some live examples of the survival from the injustice of the Portuguese rule. They are still visited and worshiped in a particular time intervals. Each temple here has its own peculiarities. Some of them are surrounded by the sky touching trees of betel nuts and coconuts. Some were surrounded by the lakes of the pure and pilgrimage water. Some others used to have the pillars shining in the sun light. These temples depicted the beauty of nature. We would feel to be in the embrace of the God.

Details of Different Temples of Goa
The oldest and beautiful temple of Saraswat is located in Goa. They are Mangeshi temples located at Priol, the temple of lord Ganapati at Khandole, The Shanta Durga Temple situated at Kavele, The holy place of Maha Laxmi located at Bandewade and lastly the Temple of Sri Nagesh Maharudra Temple situated in Bandora are very famous for their simplicity and enchanting atmosphere. The Temple of Sri Nagesh Maharudra stood still even at the time of the rule of the Portuguese.

Atrunja Taluka located in Goa was renamed as Ponda as known in today’s date. You will be able to enjoy the glory of Hindu religion without any bars here, as this region of Ponda has a number of Hindu temples. Among all of them the oldest one is the Temple of Sri Ganapati which is located in the village of Khandole.

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