Water scooter in Goa; Enjoy the calm waters

Holidays in Goa are thrilling and most memorable. This beach capital of India is also an ideal destination for water sports, which offers great enjoyment. You get real excitement in the waters of Goa, especially when splashing through the waves in a water-scooter. It is the splendid beaches, silvery beaches and thrilling water sports that have always attracted hundreds of tourists from all over the world to Goa.

The holidays in Goa become more thrilling with the various water sports available. Apart from the various water sports like parasailing, angling, windsurfing, dinghy sailing and scuba-diving, the latest addition to the adventure sport in Goa are the water scooters.

Water-scooter has now become a water popular sport and you cannot miss the real fun when at Goa. You can have a splendid water-scooter drive at Dona Paula jetty, Majorda, Cidade De Goa, Oberoi and Candolim beaches. Other beaches also offer Water-scooter adventures. The best season to be in Goa is from October to May when the sky is clear and the sea remaining tranquil. When out in the water-scooters, sometimes one can even come across a dolphin at close quarters.

Almost all the hotels, resorts and several other agencies provide Water-scooter facilities. Two persons are normally accommodated in the Water-scooter and even you can have the fun of the large waves all alone. You get Water-scooters at affordable rates. The waters near the Goan beaches are calm and safe but it is better to check with the lifeguards before you venture into the deep sea.

Feel the thrill of a motorbike on the smooth waters in Goa, which is a real experience. Get a Water-scooter and enjoy the smooth cool waters out in the deep sea.  A paradise of water sports, Goa offers the best vacation. Enjoy splashing through the waves in Goa.

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