All About Goa

Goa is mainly known as the tourist hub of India. It is located at the west coast of India, better known as the Konkan. It shares its boundaries with Maharashtra and Karnataka, and it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea at the west coast.  Goa is one of the smallest states in India. It has the fourth smallest population when compared with the other states in India.

The capital of Goa is Panaji. Panaji is sometimes referred to as Panjim. Goa has a number of beaches and flora and fauna and therefore is one of the hotspots of tourism in India. In fact, at any point of time in Goa, you will find the tourist population higher than the population of the locals. Before the advent of globalization, Goa may be the place which would have foreigners in India.

Although Goa is well known for its tourist spots, it has several interesting things to do and watch other than tourism. Goa is home to a rich and vibrant, and diverse flora and fauna, which makes it a very beautiful place to be in. Also, Goa has several architectural marvels that are to be seen to be believed. In India today, Goa is one of the few places where you can find the architecture form the times that the British ruled India. Even Goa was a Portuguese territory for a brief timespan. This has caused the region to have a diverse culture and religious background.

There are several beaches in Goa, and each and every beach can be compared to the best beaches in the world. Goa is one of the few liberal regions in India, and it is considered a tourist spot not only by the world but also by Indians. You will find many Indians from Bombay, Bangalore, etc coming down to Goa for a short vacation.